About Himmel

Himmel hails premium kitchens cabinets that showcase sleek, cutting-edge qualities characteristic of European designer kitchens. We create bespoke kitchens tailored for discerning homeowners, with design and function-oriented innovations in mind. Designs denote ergonomics excellence and superior continuity of finish to achieve undulating sophistication associated with high-end kitchens.

More than just a visual statement of modish finesse and style, our kitchens are also environment-friendly. In Singapore, we are the first designer kitchen label to receive Singapore Green Label and Singapore Green Building Council Product Certification. Using eco-friendly materials to create calibrated designs, our green kitchens denote a way of life – one that places the health of family members as a priority, while consciously contributing to the betterment of our environment.

Vision & Business Philosophy

At Himmel, we build kitchen cabinets of today that remain relevant many years from now. Enduring designs form the basis of our creations, developed to echo the overall design direction of your home, as well as the personalities of the people living in it.

We envision creating beautiful kitchen cabinets with global appeal in Asian homes. At the heart of these designs are green innovations that demonstrate our commitment towards the greater environment. Kitchens cabinets are fitted to exhibit perfect and fluid coordination of details and unspoilt craftsmanship using eco-friendly materials, and specially designed in response to the way you use your space.

It is our goal to contribute towards more green kitchens in Singapore and the rest of Asia, and become the leading green kitchen designer brand within the region.

Brand Story & Quality

Himmel has been producing tailor-made kitchen cabinet solutions for about a decade. Our continuous commitment towards customer-satisfaction and quality workmanship serve as an impetus for the work we do. In 2015, our ethos towards creating design-sensitive kitchen cabinets led us to win the Idea Design Award.

A certified Singapore Green Label and Singapore Green Building Council Product brand in Singapore, Himmel crafts kitchen cabinets with sustainability as a prerequisite. Our kitchens cabinets reinforce the designs of modern-day homes, combining conscientious craftsmanship and attention to finer details, and above all, functional.